A - F 14:13 (fra) LP
Dark psychedelism / krautrock, scornesque dub / ambient ...
14:13 n'est pas un groupe à proprement parler. Il est à peu près formé par Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat), Eric Duriez (Prozack  Maurice),
Joel Lattanzio (The Sioux, Strong As Ten), Fabien Rennet (Seconda Voce) et Jérémy Simard.
Une somme d'individus créant une musique libre de toute contrainte formelle, rappelant la folie des expérimentations bruitistes de Sonic Youth,
tout comme le psychédélisme des errances de Cloudland Canyon, sous le haut patronage du rock allemand de Can et Neu. Le Summer Of 69 contre le Winter Of 82.

8 euros (Specific) 1999 (swe) "midnight people" EP
In Sweden they call it "Svartrock". Great debut release, if you´re into Siouxie And The BanchesSuicide, Killing Joke ...
3 euros (Release the bats)
(uk) "antikatastaseis" 2xLP
Abyssal, "formation" d'anonyme(s) anglais, nous livre ici son troisième album "antikatastaseis". Un monstre de noirceur et d'oppression, non sans mélodie.
Compacte et difficilement accessible mais ayant une richesse sinueuse que ta mère saura détecter.
Les aficionados de "mort métal" et d"après métal noir" auront vite placé
"antikatastaseis" dans leur top five 2015.
Mefisto arguait justement ceci : "
Abyssal est violent, certes, mais laisse filtrer tant de lueurs de lanterne et de trouvailles marquantes qu'il est hyper fascinant.
On a constamment envie d'y retourner pour se traîner dans la vase, pour se faire pommeler.
Fav' comme disait Phil.
20 euros (Iron bonehead)
(swe) "humanity needs no funeral" LP
When dark ambient meets industrial and cinematographic deviance. Half misanthropic ritual and half sex ritual.
300 hand numbered copies in a folded cover + A2 poster.

13 euros (Kaosthetik)
ACROSTIX (jpn) "truth turned gray with justice" EP
Acrostix is back with a blistering 7''. Think Deviated Instinct, Crow, Amebix
Having previously released their slabs of anger on Crust War and Whisper In Darkness, this is their first platter on Black Water.

4 euros (Black water) ACROSTIX (jpn) "a chain of hatred" LP
Back in stock. Acrostix seem to get labeled an Amebix clone band. But this 12''inch sounds more like a nod to Systematic DeathGastunk.
Sure there is a definite UK influence here but not as prominent as say a band like Zoe.
Artwork by Sugi.
Second press - green clear vinyl.

12 euros (Whisper in darkness) AGHAST (fra) "consumer" LP
Typical 90's French emo hardcore, eight songs that can call to mind Ebullition bands. White clear vinyl.  
7 euros (Wee wee / Burt ALLEE DER KOSMONAUTEN (ger) LP
Four long and slow songs of dark, depressive hardcore. Recorded at Kuschelrock Studios by Dirk Kusche.
Sleeve shows some signs of wear.
5 euros (Mentale hygiene / Trujaca fala) ANGER IS BEAUTIFUL (ger) 10 inch'' 
Anger Is Beautiful was a fabulous Germany-based emoviolence/screamo band that existed in the late 90's and early 00's. 
Members had played in Degarne and later went on to play in Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon
Chaotic and intense, can be compared to bands such as Orchid, Neil Perry, and so on. Nice
packaging, heavy vinyl limited to 300 copies. 
For a long time in the mailörder, sleeve shows few sign of wear, nothing bad.

8 euros (Modus operandi) ANOMALI (uk) "nitya-baddha"  10 inch'' 
Anomali have an approach to sonic plundering that is as fucked, crude and humorous as Christoph Heemann and Achim Flaam's Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa
Shredded torch songs, dripping taps, gunshots and inane soundbites, all lapped with tongues of torrential feedback. 
Despite their affinities with 
The New Blockaders, Anomali's approach is more compositional, at times recalling Steven Stapleton's more fevered Nurse With Wound creations, 
or the sound of someone slowly dialling through Eastern Bloc radio broadcasts while legions of disgruntled peasants 
trash a politburo WC. 

With additional material by R.Rupenus from The New Blockaders. 333 copies. 
Sleeve shows some signs of wear.

5 euros (Hypnagogia) ANTITHESIS / SANTANTONIO (ita) 10 inch''
Antithesis play emotionally inspired hardcore. Reversal of man, Burzum, Botch and think what can happend.
Santantonio play italian 80's emo hardcore
in vein of Negazione with a swedish touch. White-clear vinyl.  
5 euros (DIY conspiracy between 11 labels) ARMISTICE (usa) "fluff and stuff, the eps & the early years" LP
iscography of Armistice's earlier works. Contains tracks from out of print compilations, s/t 7'', split 7'' w/ Flux Of Disorder, and unreleased songs from the early 90's. 
Think Final Conflict, CrucifixDischarge.
7 euros (Despotic) ARTEMISIA ABSINTHIUM / WEASEL WALTER (fra/usa) LP
For 20 years now, Weasel Walter's name was associated with the more uncompromising bands and projects (The Flying Luttenbachers, Lake of Dracula, Hatewave ...), 
from no-wave and grindcore to all forms of improvisations, including free jazz as well as contemporary music. 
Tracks on this record show many facets of this artistic personality - always uncompromised and adventurous. 
It was more than obvious that Weasel had to do a split with French Artemisia Absinthium, which is indeed one of the new Flying Luttenbachers (and Painkiller's) heirs.
Complex tracks mixing grindcore and screaming vocals with jazzy sax and psycotic bass. 
Think Baudelaire and Van Gogh's madness.

8 euros (Electric junk) ASIDE FROM A DAY (fra)  "divine proportion" CD
Emo hardcore, chaotic metal and screaming mouth. Mastered by Ed Brooks. Digipack.
7 euros (Impure muzik / Exutoire) ATRAX MORGUE (ita)  "the pain is severe" LP
"The pain is severe" include two rare tapes released in mid 90's by Marco Corbelli in limited quantities on Slaughter Productions
- Side A 
was originally release as the Catch My Agony cassette (1995), inspired from the book The Order Of Death by Hugh Fleetwood.
- Side B was originally release as the
An Expression Of Psychic Masochism cassette (1995). 

Remastered from the original tapes. Pressed to 199 copies on 140g vinyl with black center labels. Housed in a polylined black inner sleeve. Black cardstock sleeve with silver silkscreen. 
20 euros (Urashima) BALLAST (can) "fuse" LP
2nd full length. You can compare it to Lost World, Post Regiment, and you'll find a nice cover song on this record.
8 euros (Stonehenge /Trujaca fala) BERLIN VS BROOKLYN (fra) 10''inch
Berlin Vs Brooklyn is a battle between two guys from Bordeaux armed only with a guitar, a drum set and a keyboard. Instumental noise-rock with a jazzy touch. 
Think Cheval De Frise, Pneu, Chevreuil, Don Vito ...  

Sleeve shows light signs of wear.

5 euros (Monoton) BESTHOVEN / BETON (bra/slova) EP
Dis-dream still goes on. 
3,5 euros (I feel good) BIS KAIDAN (jpn) "2" one-sided etched LP
Hijōkaidan and the female idol group BiS are back with a vengeance, and a very loud one to top it off. The Japanese all-star band is still playing its very own brand of music, 
perverting the quirkiness of metal influenced idol tunes with a love for shrieking and uncompromising sonic assaults. 
13 euros (Specific) BLACK AIR (usa) "Paris" LP
Early 20th century brothel prostitute exploits and journeys in and out of the city streets. The augmentation of the libertine culture culminated into the earlier Degas brothel works, 
all the way to the later 'Paris' underground b/w hardcore magazines of the late 60s/early 70s. Scott Walker and his 'The Girls from the Streets'.
The lust and vice that permeates the latest vinyl Black Air work from Gordon Ashworth (Oscillating Innards, Concern) and Sam McKinlay (The Rita, BT.HN., Vice Wears Black Hose
is executed into sound via the broken electronic textures that come to signify the wormholes of used stockings laying about the 1920s streets. Nana has rolled them down.

LP comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, limited to 199 hand numbered copies with 30x20 heavy cardboard insert and 15x10 photo. Cover designed by Sam Mckinlay.

20 euros (Urashima) BLACK LEATHER JESUS (usa) "yes, sir (filth play)" CD
Legendary Texas based Noise band formed in 1989. The 20th Anniversary album.
Not sealed, carefully stored.
7 euros (Mask of the slave) BLACK RAIN (uk) "dark pool" LP
The new studio album from Black Rain, the project's first in 18 years. Produced in New York City by Stuart Argabright, Black Rain's founder and figurehead and Ike Yard co-founder, 
Dark Pool
is a work of hard-edged sonic fiction rooted in cyberpunk's quintessential neo-noir cityscape / dataspace but projecting into a farther future of biotechnological advancement and alienation. 
Partly inspired by the writings of Philip K. Dick protégé K.W. Jeter (particularly 1996's Edge Of Human, which picked up where Ridley Scott's Blade Runner left off), and Paolo Bacigalupi's 2009 novel :
The Windup Girl, a vision of 23rd century Thailand plagued by genetic and economic terrorism, Dark Pool's humid dystopia is also acutely Ballardian in its vision of manmade and natural worlds 
encroaching upon each other : a vivid psychogeography of half-submerged high-rises and hidden jungle laboratories. 
20 euros (Blackest ever black) BLACK SUN (uk) LP
First ever release on vinyl from the UK's most pummeling and heavyband, Black Sun
Having not let up in the past few years with severalalbums and having worked with notable producers such as Billy Andersonand James Plotkin, 
Black Sun
comeout of left-field with their most fully-formed body of work thus far.

7 euros (At war with false noise) BLOWN TO BITS / DEATHTOLL (usa) LP
7 euros (Despotic) BONNIE PRINCE BILLY (usa) "i see a darkness" LP     out of stock
The Palace edition from 1999. 
15 euros (Palace) BOXED IN (uk)  EP
Raw and going heavy on the fast core d-beat style. A Uk outfit that's pissed off throughout eight tracks of vinyl. 
3 euros (Crime Scene) BRUME RETINA / HIRO (fra) 10''inch
5 euros (Emergence / Impure musik / Rejuvenation / & more) BRUTAL TRUTH (usa) "end time" LP    
Blue vinyl.
16 euros (Relapse) BÜMBKLAATT (usa) "corrosion" EP
Members of Bumbklaatt reside on both sides of the border from Tijuana Mexico and San Diego California. Featuring ex members of Discordia. Brown vinyl.
3 euros (Despotic) BÜMBKLAATT (usa) "ciegos"  10''inch
6 euros (Despotic) BURMESE / CADAVER EYES (usa/isr) CD
Like demented twins in crime, Burmese & Cadaver Eyes rephrase Doom, Grindcore and Power Electronics by using an agonizing mechanism of plain brutal aesthetics, 
ascending these genres to a higher level of cognitive surge. This split cd is difficult and pungent, a warm spew in the face and an endless buzz in the eardrum that fiercely 
occupies the brain and treats the grey cells as if they were an ashtray. Superb. Recorded & mixed by Burmese 2007. 

Not sealed - Carefully stored.
7 euros (New scream industry / Heart & crossbone) BusRatch (jpn) 時計日記 [Tokei Nikki] LP 
BusRatch began in 1998 as a quartet formed around Parallax Records shop in Kyoto, Japan ; performing improvised music on eight turntables simultaneously,
building improvised pieces with records, various metals, cymbals, mousepads and other materials
BusRatch became chiefly known as the duo of Takahiro Yamamoto and Katsura Mouri until they disbanded in 2009. 
After numerous CDs, collaboration w/ Computer Soup,
Otomo Yoshihide, Keiji Haino
Tatsuya Yoshida, Mitsuru Nasuno, comes their first and final LP, "Tokei Nikki". 
Plenty of abstract needle fingering, processing, repetition, distressing sound and scary fell on the side one, two elegant and splendid contemporary avant-garde compositions. 
Side B contains 99 locked grooves
. Highly recommanded.
14 euros (Rrr) BUTTHOLE SURFERS (usa) "live PCPPEP" LP
Seven songs performed live and naked by these slightly off-kilter Texan envelope pushers. Remember : before Pepper, there was an entire decade that the band probably doesn't even recall, 
but damn, was it good for the rest of us ! Recorded at the Meridean in San Antonio, TX in 1984. 7 songs in all. Blue vinyl.

14 euros (
Alternative tentacle) BY ALL MEANS (ita) "fino a qui tutto bene" LP
Ex Society Of Jesus. "Fino a qui tutto bene" is the second and final By All Means album : the band broke up right after its release and a successful american tour.
Member went on to play in No Somos Nada and Mourn, and now play in The Death Of Anna Karina and Nervi
The cover is a thick booklet with lyrics,
explanations and columns ...

From 1998, sleeve shows signs of wear.

5 euros (Biba / Agipunk) ČAD / RABIES (slo/cz) EP
2 euros (Total deconposition of punk) CITIZENS PATROL (nl) "dead children" EP  
Holland's maniacs are back with 6 songs of their brand of fats hc punk, comparable to early U.S bands like Spermbirds or Rich Kids On LSD, bringing their own flavor to the table.    
3,5 euros
(No Way / Crucial Attack) CLUSTERFUX / APOCALYPTIC CHRIST (usa) "get bombed" EP
Hand-numbered sleeves on blue vinyl.

4 euros
(Less art) COCHE BOMBA (fra) "vectores de la muerte" LP
After spewing out many different records gathered on the discography CD "five years of trash guerilla" on Bad Card Records, after a two-month tour in South America, 
and a farewell gig in October 2003 opening for Dropdead in Paris, here's finally their last, unreleased full-lenght album. 
Recorded in 2002.
Artwork by Ivan Brun.
8 euros (La distro) COIL (uk) "backwards" 2xLP
Resté dans l’ombre pendant près de 20 ans à l’exception d’une version remixée, The New Backwards, publié par le groupe en 2008, 
album initialement enregistré avec Trent Reznor aux manettes sort finalement de l’ombre dans sa version originale. 
The lost album and the essential bridge between "Love’s Secret Domain" and "The Music To Play In The Dark" series. 
Includes the original version of "A Cold Cell" and "Fire Of The Mind". 
Recorded 1992-1996, London and New Orleans (Nothing Studios).
Double LP gatefold sleeve. Comes with a dwnld-number for the entire album in Flac-format.

25 euros (Cold spring) COUNTERBLAST (swe) "impassivity"  2xLP
10 euros (Putrid filth conspiracy) COUSINS OF REGGAE / LUBRIPHIKATTTOR (can/fra) LP
Brand new lp with dirty sounds from Cousins Of Reggae, Montreal based 2 man mind fuck. Utilizing guitar, drums, turntables and voice.
Lubriphikatttor (members of Zaraz Wam Zagram, TG, Napalm Jazz, Ero Babaa ...) long tune 'babypute' / death of flowers and elaborated destruction.
Edition of 319, silkscreen cover on different colours papers. 
Sleeve shows some signs of wear.

5 euros
(Galerie pache) CRISIS (uk) "hymns of faith" LP     out of stock
Hymns Of Faith by Crisis is finally re-released after some thirty years.
Recorded by a band that was in the throes of death, this LP features 7 tracks of political punk (although some would describe it as post punk, an insult of the worst kind), 
covering the political spectrum from the Italian Red Brigades to the Kanada Kommando of Auschwitz. 
After Crisis, Douglas Pearce and Tony Wakeford formed Death In June and Luke Rendall joined Theatre Of Hate.

14 euros
(La vida es un mus) CROW (jpn) "flock of beast" EP
Tokyo Legends Crow return with two new blasting tracks of doomy metallic punk mayhem. This most recent recording testifies they have no intention of letting up that intensity.
4 euros
(Prank) DANNY O' REALLY (hol)  "an evening with" CD
Danny's first solo album. Amsterdam-based noise artist / music producer Danny O'Really's first solo CD, "An Evening with..." Recorded in 2006. 
This CD features six original cuts of analogue/digital drone guitar manipulations. 
Opening with a dark industrial like track the further pieces are more similar to such as from the 1960s tape music like from Tod Dockstader or Ilhan Mimaroglu. 
Amazing sounds between strenght minimalist lines and noisy outbursts, high concentrated stuff.
Evil noise guitar hero recorded in 2005 at the Tapeless studio.
4 euros (Solitude) DAVID VASSALOTTI (usa) "book of ghosts" LP    
David Vassalotti has been cutting his teeth for 10 years in various bands around the Tampa area. Most recently he's been half of Merchandise and a quarter of Neon Blud
before that he was one of the primary song writers in Cult Rirual, and all this time he has had 5+ other projects on deck. 
His first solo LP is wildly different from the aforementioned groups, although it shares some of the bedroom sensibilities that Merchandise espouses so well. 
Luckily for all of us, great song writing transcends genre and with "books of ghosts" he explores more of the Creation Records and 4AD back catalog. 
13 euros (Vinyl rites) DEAD BODY LOVE / ATRAX MORGUE (ita) LP
Reissue from the Laughter Productions tape release in 1995. 
Lmited to 199 hand numbered copies w/sheet from The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology.

20 euros
(Urashima) DEAD FOR A MINUTE (fra) "diégèse" one-sided etched LP
One-sieded laser etched reissue. 
11 euros
(Specific) DEATH TO PIGS (fra) EP
4 euros (213 / Down boy / Contre palqué) DERROTA / HORRÖR (spa) EP
4 euros (Trabuc / Oscura Sonrisa) DESPISE YOU / AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (usa) "and on and on" LP      out of stock       
East Coast meets west coast.
Grey vinyl.

15 euros
(Relapse) DESTINO FINAL (spa) "atrapados" LP 
Destino Final was formed by former members of renown Spanish hardcore band Invasión. Like some other Spanish punk hc bands I've heard, this band has a d-beat vibe, 
but at the same time they sort of don't. There is some definite Discharge influence, but the band's sound is in no way any sort of crust-rehash. 
From the first screech of feedback, 
this record is totally intense and pulverizing all the way through. 
Where I would say Destino Final differs from their contemporaries is that they sometimes deviate from the high-speed, rocked-out d-beat parts in exchange for a brutish, slow pulse
that is super tough. The vocals that soar over-top this straightforward wall of sound are overly reverbed out, providing this washy ambiance over the whole mix.  
The difference between the music and the vocals provides a really interesting contrast. Another reason why this record is so great from start to finish is because of the flow of the tracks. 
In particular the tracks that sort of run together like Laberinto I and Laberinto II, where part 1 is one of the faster songs on the record and part 2 is this long, drawn out mid-tempo chant that 
closes the first side of the LP. Vile Discourse

14 euros
(La vida es un mus) DIMLAIA / SWARRRM (usa/jpn) 10''inch
One long song by Dimlaia. Producing music that is dark and depressing with soothing melodies and gloomy soundscapes. Sonically dark and dramatic. 
On the flip side japans chaos grind gods give us three new fantastic tracks.
Carl Auge (ex His Hero Is Gone) and now playing bass in Dimlaia has painstakingly produced all the artwork for the record. Gatefold sleeve.

7 euros (Crucificados) DISRESPECT (usa) EP
Ex-members of Civil Disobedience, Destroy, Misery, and Pissed. 
4 euros (Profane existence) DISBEER (fra) "the very little disgraphy and fortunualy unrealised" LP
Auch/France city crust now dead.
A-side from "flex your badder" 7'inch, never realized and recording in 2004. Plus 2 trax originally appeared on "
voices 2 V/A" recording in 2002. 
Last song of the A-side called "chaos disorderly" recorded in 2002 and never realized. B-side originally appeared on "kids in satanic service" CD recorded in 2000.

6 euros (Amertume) DISSIPED (fin) "viva la crapula" 10"inch
Fjörd, Onni and Mange, in love with Finnish raw punk from the early 80's. Apäratt.
Recorded in a few hours in March 2010.

4 euros (Solitude / Amertume) DOVE YELLOW SWANS (usa) "live during war crimes" CD
Live during war crimes is a collection with the best parts from various older releases, all remastered and edited to work as a new fullenght album. 6 songs in about 47 minutes. 
An industrial wasteland of futuristic electronics, hypnotic feedback assaults and atmospheric drones - a beautiful, yet grim, sonic bliss. 
The material is taken from The Dusk tape (released on Collective Jyrk, the bands own imprint), The Demonic cdr and The Drill cdr (Snse). 
Everything was recorded live between may and june 2004. Comes packaged in a special dual plover styled fullcolor digipack. Cover drawings by Devendra Banhart. 

5 euros
(Release the bats) DOVE YELLOW SWANS (usa) "live during war crimes vol 2" CD
Second volume, this time a collection of darker and more sinister live recordings taken from their tour in Europe early 2006. 42 black minutes of creepy soundscapes painting a 
depressive picture of a world going down in dust and ashes. The 5 songs all has a weird desperate and dense apocalyptic feel to them, making this a haunting and very bleak experience. 
Trashy dark rumblings and total coldness. Again very well-edited stuff by Pete Swanson, works more like a full proper album than just a collection of random recordings. 
Comes packaged in a Dual Plover full color sleeve with black felt. Cover drawings by Liz Harris of Grouper.  

5 euros
(Release the bats) EDWIGE (usa/swe) LP
Three-man intercontinental harsh noise (wall) outfit dedicated to Edwige Fenech, active since 2006. Originally Edwige was Dan Johansson, Sam McKinlay and Keith Brewer
Keith left and was replaced by
Nolan Throop.
Pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve. Silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, 199 hand numbered copies w/ black & white poster.

18 euros
(Urashima) ENTRAILS MASSACRE / ČAD (ger/slo) EP
2 euros (Tower violence) ENVENÖMED (usa) EP
Raw ripercrust metal from the states with a late 80's UK touch. Dark red vinyl.
3,5 euros (Torture garden) ESTHER VENROOY / FREDERIK CROENE (bel) "hout" CD
Esther Venrooy and Frederik Croene joined forces on a series of works that incorporates the piano as the primary sound source for electronic compositions. 
The pieces are subsequently recombined with the 'raw' piano sound. Utilizing uncommon playing techniques such as prepared piano. the players/composers create a unique synergy 
between traditional instrumentation and contemporary electronica. 
Packaged in deluxe fold-out digipack cover. designed by Iris Rombouts.

7 euros (Robo) FACE UP TO IT! (fr) EP
3,5 euros (Stonehenge)