Recorded in september of 2003 at Melvin Ray Studios. Clear wax.
7 euros (Profane existence) GASMASK TERRÖR (fra) "like daggers" EP
Black vinyl. 

4,5 euros (Ratbone / Flower of carnage) GNAWED (usa) "terminal epoch" CD    
First full length cd after a lot of tapes and cdr by Grant Richardson, new master out of control from the Minneapolis based Power Electronics project. 
This disc contains a few different vocal styles, dark synth work, metal junks and a healthy dose of feedback faithfull to the power electronics scene. 
7,5 euros (Phage tapes) GNAW THEIR TONGUES (nl) "l'arrivée de la terne mort triomphante" LP   
À décrier ou à louer, rien ne sert d'écouter cette inquiétante galette de pétrole s'il ne fait pas nuit ; le corps de l'album est la mort. Creuse précision en apparence, qui plus est, 
une thématique loin d'être si évidente à aborder. Hormis un titre d'album un peu forcé, Molière est étanche pour un Hollandais, le contenu est un imaginaire aussi ténébreux que réussit. 
Éternelle représentation d'une mort en tant qu'entité vivante, la faux peut briller, Poe aurait bandé !
11 euros (Burning world) GOVERNMENT WARNING (usa) "no way out" EP      
Behold, here is the debut ep from Richmond VA's Government Warning
White sleeve.
4,5 euros (No way) GOVERNMENT WARNING (usa) "panranoid mess" LP   
Fourteen unrelenting tracks full of snotty attitude that musically lies somewhere between Zero Boys, Verbal Abuse, Fu’s or Adolescents
Including some mid paced tracks that follow the sound they mastered on their last EP. Great sounding record that brings to mind the golden era of Usa punk hc. 
Absolutely timeless !

11 euros (La vida es un mus) GRAVE IN THE SKY (isr) "cutlery hits chinan : english for the hearing impaired" CD
Grave in The Sky from Israel is a new incarnation by Rani Zager (
Poochlatz, Lietterschpich), Maor Appelbaum (Vectorscope / Thy Mesmerized), Matan Shmuely (Armilos). 
On this debut album they use subtitles of horror, thriller, crime, drama films as lyrics (Donnie Darko, The Descent, Straw Dogs, The Devil's Rejects, Scum) molesting them down 
a boiling hot lava of an experimental sludge-rock dirge, in order to create new aesthetics of doomed, heavy, noise and hectic music. 

Not sealed - never been played.

5 euros (Heart and crossbone) GUILTY CONNECTOR (jpn) "mother's bloated corpse" CD
2nd edition. This album collects together the best tracks from various compilations and small run releases, as well as unreleased material from this multi-dimensional Japanese harshtist. 
Harsh noise, metal junk, collage and violent experimental sound recs. Think Pain Jerk, Facialmess, Incapacitents
Slim plastic sleeve.

5 euros (Gravity swarm) GUILTY CONNECTOR (jpn) "bottom down" CD
Japanese noise inspired by crowded towns and city networks, tinnitus in a ghost town, forgotten memories, vomiting and sinking into a stagnant river bed. 
Guitar feedback in the chilly rain, a putrid mess in the corner of a dirty town. Outbursts of chirping crickets in the night fog, harsh and drone... 
Black solitude harsh drone works. "Bottom down" is a recommended piece for the warned noise/drone lovers !
5 euros (Gravity swarm) GUNS LIQUOR AND WHORES (can) "serpico" 10 inch''
Ripping fast punk and rocking violence including Infest (Sick-O) and Turbonegro (Hobbit motherfuckers) covers.
5 euros
(Putrid filth conspiracy) G.X. JUPITTER-LARSEN and MR CALIFORNIA (usa) "collaboration" LP
Mr California hooks up with industrial noise pirate Gx Jupitter Larsen (from The Haters), and goes all-out to fuck your shit up. 
A confounding blend of lo-fidelity tweets, bleeps, blurps, harsh noise industrial and looped beats completely bathed in dust-on-the needle static. 
Sleeve shows signs of wear.
5 euros
(Peer pressure zombie) HANGING ROTTEN (swe) "your cheatin' heart" LP
Fast hardcore sludge hybrid, feat' members of the mighty Seven Foot Spleen. A great album (2003) that gets few attention. Half sludge and half blast-beats !
Sleeve shows signs of wear.
5 euros (Putrid filth conspiracy) HANK / GLU (fra) "de la folie ordianaire" LP
Hank est un duo (harsh) noise, ex Napalm DanceHippies Of Today, Cobalt 62. Léger chaos atmosphérique, feedback pas vraiment lo-fi et petit penchant pour la destruction. 
Une approche discrètement industrielle rappelant la période moderne et ambiante de Bastard Noise. Pas de harsh noise cette fois-ci, mais une douce douche éthérée et bien léchée, 
qui sous couvert de rouge (un bon Madiran par exemple) permettra aisément de s’évader. 
Glu et ses somptueux textes en français toujours positifs, ou comment chaque moment de vie, relationnel ou non, doit définitivement partir en couille. 
Une poésie observatrice et donc pas si radicale, alternant mise en place presque principale, ou posée en second plan sur fond d’accords redondants. 
Disque hypnotique pressé à 333 exemplaires. 

8 euros (co-prod) HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEAD (usa) "stay home" LP
"Stay Home" sees the this NYC band at its peak, having matured enough to write a masterpiece of dual-drumming-keyboard-driven punk. 
Their sound is still raw and unpolished, the drummer and percussionist hit hard and the guitar plays a superb mix of surf and classic first wave NYC punk. 
This European pressing comes in a blue and black sleeve, including a 2-colour poster, lyric sheet and hand stamped center label. A beautiful package for an otherwise nasty punk record.

13 euros (La vida es un mus) HAPPY BASTARDS / KISMET HC (usa/uk) EP
2 euros (Wee wee / Fight for your mind) HEAD HITS CONCRETE / BODIES LAY BROKEN (can/usa) EP
Grindcore. Sleeve shows signs of wear. 
2 euros
(One percent) HHM (fra) LP
Ten punx / crust rock songs. Purple vinyl, Babes In Toyland cover.
5 euros
(Colonel moutarde, Chimère) HIPPIES OF TODAY (fra) LP
10 euros (Destructure / Aïnu) HIROSHI HASEGAWA / MAMA BAER (jpn/ger) LP
40 minute split from Japan's Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro, C.C.C.C., South Saturn Delta) and Germany's Mama Baer
Ltd x 177 numbered copies in a pasted sleeve.

14 euros (Domestic violence) HORDES OF SATAN (uk) LP
Sludgy, hypnotising and deep industrial doom from Nottingham. Feat' members of Pitchshifter and Taken by Wolves.
Think of early hypnotic Peaceville or Earache industrial back in the days mixed with doomy sludge and deep throat.

9 euros (Streaks)

Raw, filthy, low tuned, d-beat bastardz from Barcelonä. Get Motorhead, Discharge and Anti-Cimex played by 4 guys on their early 20’s. 
Higly recommanded.
10 euros (Trabuc / Grita o muere)

Hypatia are sXe posi-thrash with members of Gate Crashers.
The South is made up of Florida surfers that set their drums on fire. 
7 euros
(Dead Tank / Square of opposition / Hate the eighties) IMAGEN (col) "y ahora que ?" EP
Raw as fuck 'Medellín Colombian' punk from 1989. Now repress on 510 copies including 2 more tracks.
For every expert of the old spanish punk scene. Clear vinyl. 
4,5 euros
(Punk y que) INCAPACITANTS (jpn) "extreme gospel nights" LP
Extreme Gospel Nights is a shocking cassette from 1993, released by one of the Japanoise-defining labels, Vanilla Records, whose sound is particularly exciting, 
agonizingly dense and full of detail – there's very little air to breathe here.

refers to the place (in Tokyo) where the recordings were made, so don't expect traditional spirituals. 
Instead you get some truly alien performances, complete with sporadic screaming of vivisected baboons drowning in the sonic sludge. 

There are two tracks on Vanilla tape ; Bitter Insect on side A and the super lo-fi Accelerated No(i)sebleed on side B, in all probability recorded directly from the soundboard. 
Just pure, unadulterated electronic distortion of the highest quality done by two of the masters who have ever turned the knob on a distortion pedal that is fun, terrifying, 
hypnotic and fascinating all at the same time ; their noise takes root not in violence or gimmickry, but in pure energy. 
It also serves as great example of just what makes well done noise so great : the layers of complexity that build upon each other reveal new and different textures and patterns on subsequent listenings. 

Mastered by Toshiji Mikawa and reissued for the first time in vinyl, the record has been pressed on 140gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve.
Comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve in 300 copies with Tomyodai-lighthouse photo (in the late Meiji). 
Plus an insert in classic paper ultra-bright with finish glossy plastic coating as perfect replica of original art from
Vanilla Records tape cover. 
Each copy enveloped in tissue golden paper (plus sticker) as original tape release.

24 euros (Urashima) INSOMNIO (spa) "happy loneliness" LP
"Happy loneliness" is the heavily anticipated 2nd studio album and a brilliant and broody follow-up to last year's ripping "no escape". 8 brandnew melodic driving punk-rock. 
This is yet again fresh, catchy, snotty and still raw - mid paced and catchy as hell. It reminds of the Zero Boys, Adolescents and newer bands like No Hope For The Kids and Young Wasteners
The production has a real late '70s rock influenced punk sound.

 euros (Trabuc / The pression) ISCARIOTE (sui/fra) "necropole trauma" LP
Final recordings. A satanic mix of hardcore, emo, adding some new hints of dark and intense melodic elements.
7 euros
(Last day of june / Salvation) KENT BROCKMAN / MASSICK (ger) "on the loose, so young, so though, so wild"  9''inch
9''inch limited to 555 copies on blue/white marble vinyl.
8 euros (Selfish Fucker) LACERATED (swe) EP
First 7'inch. Think Kontrovers, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Acursed.
3 euros
(Lacerated) LA FRACTION (fra) "la vie rêvée" CD
3rd album. 

7 euros (Chimère / Maloka / Stonehenge) LA RACE (fra) EP
Pojet noise no wave avec des membres de Headwar et Death to Pigs.

4,5 euros (Pouet schallplatten) LES BAVARIANS (fra) "les plans d'une nuit" EP
4,5 euros (Pouet schallplatten) LE SCRAWL (ger) "eager to please" 10 inch
This newest installment feat' 13 songs recorded in 2003 by Harris Johns (producer of Sodom, Kreator, Immolation) at his "Spiderhaus studio" in Luttz, Germany. 
Debauchery of "grind" mixed with ska, jazz and all thinks (that you loath?) weird, but adding a stronger metal influence in both songwriting and productions. 
10 euros (Regurgitated semen records)        LIETTERSCHPICH (isr) "i cum blood in the think tank" CD
Gruesome noise mixing power electronics and slow death industrial making me thinks about torture scenes with machine guns shots and lugubrious screams background. 
Lietterschpich (litter of cum in Hebrew)
feat' members of Barbara and Grave in the Sky. .
Made in Israel the happy land of oranges.
Not sealed - never been played.

7 euros (Topheth prophet / Heart and crossbones) LINSAY (ger) EP
Feat' members of Loxiran, Lebensrefom, Kindle. Danceable hc smashers that gives you all you could want from 90's hc. 
2 euros
(Per koro)