3,5 euros (Puzzle) SEX CHURCH (can) "somnambulist" 12"LP
The brand new 12'' from Vancouver, BC death rockers Sex Church, who've previously released critically acclaimed records on Load Records, HoZac, Sweet Rot and Convulsive Records
''Somnambulist'' is 18 minutes of ominous guitar, towering rhythms, and tortured vocals. Like the Cheater Slicks covering Jesus and Mary Chain, but with hints of Christian Death
Unwound, and The Wipers.

Recorded and mixed at Otic Sound by Josh Stevenson.
 Mastered by James Flames.
Highly recommended.
14 euros (Instant pleasure /
Psychic handshake SIEGE (usa) "dropdead" LP     out of stock     
Tabouret was one of those more than awesome hc bands from Boston that influenced hundreds and hundreds of bands over the years.

riginally released in 1984 it's the only album the band ever released. The original album was a self-released demo cassette with six songs. 
When the album was finally given a proper release on CD by Relapse in '94, three songs recorded for the
''Cleanse the Bacteria'' compilation were added to the original six songs. 
Deep Six Records re-released the album on 12" vinyl in 2004 with the same three compilation tracks added. 
Anyone interested in ‘80s hardcore, Infest, Dropdead, Heresy, Ripcord … all of these bands were completely influenced by 
15 euros (
Deep six) SISSY SPACEK (usa) "sississpsskssissrs" CD
Manic torrentials of multi-multidirectional percussion, guitar, voice, and electronics from the mouse of John Wiese. Dynamite shack collage exclaims, chaos harsh noise. 
5 euros
(Helicopter) SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE (usa) "dark noontide" LP
The third full length. 
Eight incredible tracks that seamlessly blend powerful blues foot-stomp, backwards interludes, strange string feedback, dark, 
tabla-infused vibrations and the amazing debut of Chasny's electric guitar as a lead instrument. 
Drop two tabs in this and come down screaming.
Never been played // Sleeve : VG+ (
Bent corner from shipping)
15 euros (Holy moutain) SKIN CRIME X WILT (usa) "the horror of Fang rock" LP+CD
"The Horror of Fang Rock" is a continuation of Skin Crime's fascination with the theme of gothic horror as it relates to 18th and 19th century lighthouses. 
An audible soundtrack to a tale of terror for an unreleased light house keepers memoir. Dark drones, scarecrow electroniks and nightmare ambience ebb and flow over the entire opus.

A general air of Aleister Crowley-style ghoulishness are all-pervasive here.
The recording process involved Skin Crime sending Wilt sound sources through the mail. Wilt would then add sounds and send back for review. This process extended over several months.

Once completed Wilt did the final mix, mastering and final art.
The record has been pressed on 180 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve. 
Comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard in an edition of 199 hand numbered copies with CD in cardboard wallet for a total of almost two hours of horror sounds. 
Include black and withe poster.

22 euros (Urashima) SKULLFLOWER  (uk) "fucked on a pile of corpses" CD
Alternating between granular lo-fi primitive rock and granular lo-fi primitive power electronics. There are also moments of tender acoustic balladry, its just that they don't exist. 
The remorseless brutal sound is primitive, but as detailed and rich as a blood soaked medieval canvas, somewhere betwixt The Rita and Clandestine Blaze.
7 euros (Cold spring SLOTH (usa) "a whole other world of fun aka 13 songs 13 samples" CD
Ohio's Sloth is and will be a mess for the etenity.
Not sealed - 
carefully stored.
7 euros (At war with false noise) SOCIETY NURSE (usa) LP
Hard sounds in the vein of the ‘80s Touch & Go midwest with the modern ILR urgency you've come to expect. Outclass yourself and get this before it goes away forever. 
700 copies made. 

13 euros (Iron lung) SPINNING HEADS  (fra) "nothing is gained nothing is lost everything changes" EP
Heavy and chaotic noise hc. Comparisons heard lately with Botch, Knut or Tantrum.

Recorded by Serge Morratel in Geneva.

3,5 euros (Radar swarm) STANLEY KUBI (fra) "music by" LP
9 euros (Company with the golden arm) STUMM (fin) " I " CD
Raw, nihilistic, loud, depressive, angry and ancherontic sludge from gloomy Finland. 
4 songs/35 mn. Think Fleshpress, Grief, old Cattle Press.  

5 euros
(Aesthetic death) SUBMISSION HOLD (can) "what holds back the elephant" LP
Sleeve shows some signs of wear. 
7 euros (Stonehenge) SWANS (usa) "the seer" 3xLP
If you need to ease your mind. First press.
25 euros (Young god) TÉLÉDÉTENTE 666 (fra) "Karen" LP
10 euros (Mon uque c'est du futo / Pouet / 24h jamais / Le turc mécanique) TEMPER RISE (nl) "my bout of depression lasted 5 chambers" EP
Noisy, emotional, heretic hardcore including feedback and distörtion... loudmouth and power for the bstrdz.
The repress from 2001.
3,5 euros
(Wasted youth power) TERMINAL LOVERS (usa) "drama pit and loan" CD
Lots of variety including acoustic styled numbers and busy bass reminding me of late 70's Floyd, Velvet Underground and even the mellower Monster Magnet stuff at times. 
Fans of Gallery Of Mites might dig on this equally because of the songwriting style. Feat' Chris Smith from Keelhaul on guitar and Steve Mehlman from Pere Ubu on drums. 
Include a hidden video clip "Mr. Astronaut Glenn".

5 euros (Shifty) THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT (fr) "stains of resignation" 2xLP
After one year of work, this record is built by 9 various tracks, between furious black metal, atmospheric funeral doom and folk ballads, surely his best and mature work ever. 
There are also a lot of guest appearances on this album like Jarboe on "voice of aenima".

15 euros (Music fear satan) THE AVENGING DISCO GODFATHERS OF SOUL (usa) "the ultimate in authenticity and musical usefulness" LP
Ex members of Index For A Potential Suicide and The Disesase
A combination of metal, free jazz, electronics and melody make up the bulk of this release. 
Sleeve shows light sign of wears.
8 euros
(Electric human project) THE CRAMPS (usa) "stay sick" LP     out of stock
Sex-classic "stay sick" was originally released in 1990 and features more of the dark side of rockabilly in a jugular vein. 
Still a favorite among rock ʼnʼ roll sickos worldwide.
"Say : P-I-L-L-S Bop Pills !"
2014 reissue on orange and black 'gun/hypo/bottle/dagger' printed inner sleeve. Orange and black Vengeance labels. Dwld card. Remastered in 2001.
18 euros
(Vengeance) THE HAXAN CLOAK (uk) 2xLP     out of stock
2011's debut self-titled release from The Haxan Cloak, solo project of UK multi instrumentalist, Bobby Krlic
Recorded over 3 years, 
The Haxan Cloak explores mystic audio space using field recordings, strings, hand-made percussion and the human voice. 
A captivating piece of work that lies somewhere between modern classical, film score, electronica and terrör.

18 euros
(Aurora borealis) THE HOLY KISS "back to colma" (usa) EP
San Francisco's Holy Kiss new 7" has arrived with two brand new songs. Imagine a mix of early Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds stuff, Joy Division and Bauhaus
70gr black vinyl in a nice artwork sleeve. 
Sleeve shows signs of wear.

3 euros
(Release the bats) THE LAST MILE (ger) "designed to compensate the lack of intrinsic motivation" EP
The Last Mile are driving in an old Dodge on a highway between Bremen and Portland. Four brutal hardcore-punk-metal assaults, in a nice package.
3 euros (De graanrepubliek) THE RITA (usa) "skate / snorkel" LP
The second in RRRecords Foley series follows GX-Jupitter-Larsen's Big Time Crash Bang LP. 
On "Skate," Sam Mackinlay amplifies the sound of 50/50 grinds on metal railing with live effects manipulation by Christian Nicolay. A completely new recording is also included, 
taking its cues from the other, but uses different distortion chains and ideologies to try and fully manipulate the live skateboard trucks to the steel and their tendencies when effected. 
"Snorkel" is made up of sound effect samples from over twenty different horror and adventure films with diving and snorkling scenes - from underwater knife and spear gun fights, 
to straight wreck diving, etc.- edited, layered, and heavily effected. 
- HNW -

15 euros (Rrr) THE RITA (usa) "the Lilac Fairy" 2xLP     out of stock
Double LP pressed to 199 hand numbered copies with six insert in black cardboard and silver ink and color poster.
- HNW -
28 euros (Urashima) THE RITA (usa) "the nylons of Laura Antonelli" 4xCD wooden boxset    
Ten years after its first release in an eight-cassette box, The Rita 's masterpiece The Nylon of Laura Antonelli is reissued in a black wooden box with laser engraving 
that includes 4 CD wallet with full color artwork, original 2009 insert, a foldable color poster and a certificate numbered in 300 copies.

A lengthy and intense exploration of texture and movement. 

40 euros (Urashima) THE SHITHEADS / NO OFFENSE  (can) EP
Rare split ep. Both punk bands from canada 1993 aera.
2 euros
(Enguard) THE SONICS (usa) "here are the sonics" LP     out of stock          
The '98 edit on Norton
Originally released in early ‘65, this hard-hitting screamfest took the local teen scene by the eardrums and never let go ! Long out of print originally released by Etiquette Records
the Norton Edition include 4 bonus cuts (keep a knockin' / don't believe in Christmas / Santa Claus / the village idiot). 

3 euros (Shogun / Jason R) TOTAL CONTROL (aus) "laughing at the system" LP     out of stock
Mais putain, pourquoi ne se sont-ils pas appelé Total Contrlo ?
15 euros (Iron lung) TURAMBAR (usa) 10'inch
Heavy and slow lysergic psych-stoner doom in the vein of WarhorseOcean Chief.
7 euros
(Our hollow death / Game two) TWIN PRICKS (fr) "this might be the last time you'll ever hear from us'' LP
Premier album au titre inquiétant (après deux 7'').
Fidèle à son indie-emo façon Get Up Kids, le groupe semble avoir encore mieux digéré ses influences/aspirations avec 12 titres emopop à fleurs de peau et quelques (rares) relents screamo.

9,5 euros
(Specific) UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE (spa) "observant com el món es destrueix" LP
Within a few weeks of their existence they had recorded a promising demo of experimental noisy hardcore, played a few shows in Uk and Spain and started working on their debut album. 
Barely 6 months later they give birth to "observant com el món es destrueix". 
9 track LP integrally sang in Catalan with a psychedelic approach to their previous bands sound (Glam, Atentado, Destino Final amongst others). 
It's two new french bands Fatals / Kung-Fu Escalators / Magnetix / Chimiks types. Raw psychotic garage blues punk. Ladies will love it.
4 euros (Pouet schallplaten) VUUR / GRINDING HALT (bel/nl) LP
5 euros (Heart On Fire) WAKE UP ON FIRE (usa) LP
Death / gloom punk to a whole new level of torture and despair, by building on the foundations laid by Dystopia and State of the Union
5 euros
(Torture garden picture company) WENDY RENE (usa) "after laughter comes tears : complete Stax & Volt singles + rarities 1964-1965"     out of stock     
Listen, delve and enjoy.
24 euros (Light in the attic) WIRE (uk) "pink flag" LP      out of stock       
So yeah, Wire are a seminal band for a reason, and it all started with this album. If you don't have it, please do yourself a favor and buy this album.

15 euros (4 men with beards) WHITEHOUSE (uk) "halogen" LP
First vinyl release of this classic Whitehouse album, "Halogen".
Recorded by Steve Albini
and William Bennett in December 1993 at Electrical Audio, Chicago, and now remastered and cut by Noel Summerville
LP comes pressed in audiophile 180gr vinyl and a stunning gloss laminate sleeve. 
20 euros (Dirter promotions) WITH LOVE / HK (ita/fra) LP
5 euros
(Chimère / Maldoror) WOJCZECH / INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL (ger) LP
8 euros
(Tower violence / Scrotum / Sensitive wormrile / Rescued from life) WORDS THAT BURN (usa) LP
Metallic crust with dueling vocals screaming and growling about all the fucked up-edness of the world and it's human inhabitants. Including a Toxic Reasons cover "riot squad".
5 euros (Crime against humanity) YRSEL (fr/swe) "Abraxas" 2xLP
Julien Louvet and C.J. Larsgarden returned as Yrsel, and their meditative sounds are back with this third album.
Recorded between 2011 and 2013, mastered by Reto Mäder 
500 copies made on 180gr vinyl. 
15 euros (213 / Tuguska)