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sltd recds B
  OMANIESCUM AORISUM  "le silence des organes"  Digital
4×File at flac format  2016 - 2017)
  Co-prod with Je Te Admire Records.

  4 tracks inspired by René Leriche and death by "drowning".
  This material is meant to be played at high volume on real stereo speakers.
  Harsh noise ... Get in touch if you want to use these tracks.


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sltd recds A
(4×File at wav format 2015)

3 minutes, 33 seconds, 333 thousandths, inspired by Shane Meadows, Stephen Karpman,
  Dave Mustaine, and Léon Tolstoï.

  This material is meant to be played at high volume on real stereo speakers.
  Harsh noise ... Get in touch if you want to use these tracks.

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sltd rcrds 11
  BORIS VIANDE  "live"  LP
  Info press : 100. Co-prod with Bidoche Prod.
  Recorded at Astroclub - Orléans, June 08th 2013.

   Sold Out

                                                                                                                                                   sltd rcrds 10

OMANIESCUM AORISUM  "Mademoiselle Hélène"  LP
Pressed in september 2013 to 155 copies. 12 euros + shipping. Distributed in the USA by RRRecords.

Omaniescum Aorisum debut album is a sweet intention cloistered between 4 walls. ''Mademoiselle Hélène'' as a tribute to Le Boucher, directed by Claude Chabrol in 1970. A caustic soundscape supported by a "gymnopedic" Erik Satie cover and a front artwork drawn by Nick Blinko.
Totally politically correct, nothing in this record about rape, horror, Third Reich or Thin Lizzy.

Play it on real speakers -
Bandkamph here. Ask for wholesales prices or possible trade.
''Premier album hautement cinématographique - découvert en fouinant sur le blog curieux Nova Express - du mystérieux Poitevin Omaniescum Aorisum, qui n’est pas tout à fait un Boucher malgré les multiples références au film homonyme dont les samples émaillent ce ''Mademoiselle Hélène'' portant le nom de son personnage féminin incarné par Stéphane Audran. Néanmoins, si l’on y croise une romance insulaire pour le moins... volcanique et le spectre jeté au bûcher d’une Gymnopédie d’Erik Satie, l’ensemble évoque bel et bien la psyché tourmentée du Popaul de Chabrol, plongée harsh monolithique et sans issue dans les méandres d’une conscience obscurcies par sa violence latente.''  
Indie Rock Mag
sltd recds 09
  PIERRE & BASTIEN  "pilule / chanteur"  7"inch  
  Pressed in september 2012 to 300 copies with handmade special sleeve. 
  Co-prod between Sltd Rcds and the longtime buddy, Pouet Schallplatten.

Jimenes, Nollet et Trux, pour deux nouvelles chansons à textes sur la dépendance affective,
  l'usage de l'alcool, la 
contraception masculine, Francis Cabrel ...  
Recorded and mixed in spring 2011 by Kevin Neurone.

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sltd recds 8,5
  FÊLURES  -  CDr 3"inch
  Info press : 100.

23 minutes around industrial noise, ambient, pressure and well-being. 
  The silkscreen cover is a tribute to 
L'Uccello Dalle Piume Di Cristallo

  Enregistré en septembre 2011 au Remört Fest' par un gars dont on a oublié le nom.
  Mixé par nos soins et pas les tiens, avec l'aide de Père Limpinpin.


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sltd rcds 08

  DISSIPED  "viva la crapula"  10"inch
  Info press : 500.
  6 euros + shipping. 


  Worst / best records of two thousand fucking ten ? Anyway, Dissiped from the East Fjord
  of Kemijärvi is one of the most renowned trio in the d-beat scene. 

Fjörd and Mange, in love with Finnish raw punk from the early 80's
  Including cover of Terveet Kädet, Kaaos, Peter And The Test Tube Babies. Apäratt !

  Recorded in a few hours in March 2010. 

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sltd rcds 07

  RAINBOW OF DEATH : 10"inch
  1030 copies made in a thick 10" jacket with heavy stock inner sleeves.  
520 on white and black vinyl. 510 on black vinyl.
  Recorded at Amanita Studios in 2006.


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sltd rcds 06

  Info press : 498 
  Written and recorded by The Goat during the summer 2006.




  Sold Out
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sltd rcds 05

  NAPALM DANCE  "discographie"  LP
  Info press : 300 (Les Potagers Natures, Amertume, Bordelik, Solitude
  Pochette sérigraphiée. Accompagné d'un fanzine confectionné par NxD, 
  contenant paroles, avis et illustrations. 

   Napalm Dance etait un feux duo à la poésie urbaine dégénérée et sans futur qui
  avait la verve provocatrice bien placée. Ce LP est une fausse discographie de leurs       cassettes sorties à peu d’exemplaires. Quelques synthés et des boites à rythmes,       des textes en français aux sujets parfois houleux et aux critiques directes, des             chansons d'amours, et d'autres pour danser la danse de l'ours.

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sltd rcds 04

  DANNY O' REALLY   "an evening with"  CD
  Info press : 500 - Available
  4 euros + shipping.

Amsterdam-based noise artist / music producer Danny O'Really's first solo CD. 
  Six original cuts of analogue / digital drone guitar manipulations. Opening with a dark     industrial like track the further pieces are more similar to such as from the 1960's tape   music like from Tod Dockstader or Ilhan Mimaroglu. Amazing sounds between             strenght minimalist lines and noisy outbursts, high concentrated stuff.

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sltd rcds 03

  First press : 1000
  Second press : 500  

  Recorded at Amanita Studios, Anglet, France in November 2004.

 Sold Out  
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sltd rcds 02

  First press : 1000
  Second press : 500  

Recorded and mixed by Cedric at Cashplow, in april of 2003. Mastered in june of 2004.

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sltd rcds 01

  GRIDE  "tanec blaznu" 1-sided LP  etched on the b-side. 
  First press : 500 heavy vinyl.
  Second press : 500.
  Co-prod with Chimères.

  Recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio Hostivař from 17 to 21 of March 2003.


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sltd rcds 00

  300 copies in a generic black sleeve. 
  Co-prod with Ataxie Disques.

John Wiese : recorded and mixed June 7th 2002 in Los Angeles, California.
  Guilty Connector : recorded & mixed at Utsu Connector Studio, Nakano, Tokyo during               Jan/Apr 2002, except live parts recorded at Astra-Stube, Hamburg, Germany  2001/11/04.

Sold Out